Reflections from Heather

As we host this amazing team of university students, we’d like to share their perspective on their time in Arequipa.  Here are some thoughts from Heather Rego, a Trevecca Nazarene University student.


This week has been really amazing for me spiritually.  I have been able to experience power both here and with those who have been praying for us all. It has been really great to see how God has spoken to me directly and through others to me.  I have felt that God has been wanting me to be a 40/40 next May and I have been really hesitant.  But after talking with some here I am a lot more relaxed about it.  I know that God is going to equip me to do whatever he wants.  So, I will be applying to be a 40/40 in Ecuador and we will see what God wants from there.  I am so excited to see what God has in store over the next few years.

-Heather Rego